Our achievements

Ina Consulting department is called upon all over the world to carry out appraisals of archival holdings. This involves evaluating existing systems, and providing advice and assistance on the setting up of preservation systems.

As an expert in the conservation and digitisation of radio and television archives, Ina analyses, carries out technical and documentary audits, advises and assists companies and institutions who wish to preserve their audiovisual heritage or to set up a legal deposit for radio-television.

These audits can also be used as a basis for the construction of buildings that will be devoted to the preservation of archives, as is the case of projects currently underway in Pakistan and in Algeria.

The Ina experts report can also be used by the relevant institution to explain the stakes involved and set out their recommendations vis-à-vis funding sources.

- International actions undertaken
Providing expert advice and assistance in the implementation of preservation and digitisation plans:
Algeria/EPTV, Switzerland/RTSR, Serbia, Madagascar, Afghanistan, CIRTEF, Cambodia, East Timor, etc.
Appraisals of archival holdings:
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Egypt, Congo, Palestine, Argentina, Chile.

A successful expertise mission carried out for African Union Radio-broadcast (UAR) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The international Francophone Organisation (OIF), entrusted INA with the audit of the African Radio-Broadcasting Union (UAR), following the signature of a protocol agreement signed between the two institutions at the end of October.


Support programme for the Algerian National Heritage Plan : training courses

In Algiers, and within the framework of the preservation support programme for Algerian cultural heritage funded by the European Union and the Algerian Culture Ministry, INA have organised training courses.


Ina at the French-speaking network of media regulators’ international seminar on AV archives

INA was participating in the international seminar “Audiovisual Archives, Heritage and Collective Memory : Preserving Audiovisual Archives” organized by the Moroccan Office of Communication (HACA or Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle)


Support programme of the Algerian cultural heritage

Within the framework of a cooperation program between the European Union and the Algerian Ministry of Culture, INA launched its training program for the preservation of audiovisual heritage in Algeria.


Latin American seminar on the new challenges related to preservation and management of audiovisual archives and digital contents

From 19th to 21st of November 2013, Ina and the National Television of Chile (TVN) have organized a regional seminar on the preservation, digitization and valorization of the Latin American audiovisual heritage.


FRAME, Future for Restoration of Audiovisual Memory in Europe

A training course on new technologies applied to the restoration, digitization, preservation and use of audiovisual and cinematographic archives.


Balkans’ Memory

BALKANS’ MEMORY, Preserving and promoting audiovisual heritage in the Western Balkans