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Guiana Space Centre


The Guiana Space Centre is shooting since the 1970's the campaign activities and the take-off of the ARIANE, SOYOUZ and VEGA launchers, essentially for technical and communication needs. The CNES wishes to improve the perservation and access to these archives, that range from 35mm film to digital files of last generation scientific cameras, several technologies of preservation devices becoming obsoletes.

Our method

  • Consultancy on image description,
  • Definition of various kinds of documents regarding their heritage value,
  • Propositions of technical architectures for the archiving,
  • Financial projections for the digitization and the storage.

The issue

The deal was to implement homogeneous procedures for the management of the collection, made both with heritage documentaries and technical videos shot at 500 images/second.

The advantage of INA

We have cross-disciplinary competences, both on technical procedures for digital video archiving and also on issues regardins documentary index.