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Radio-Canada wants to digitize 800 000 hours of audio, video and film, on a 7-10 years period. Before going for that plan, the team  wants to submit their project for approval to a company which already took up the challenge.

Our method

Experience feedbacks, consultancy and consolidation of methods and tools regarding:

  • Inventory and cataloging of the collections,
  • Selection and prioritization of the materials to be digitized,
  • Supervision of a massive digitization plan,
  • Digital archiving

The issue

Proposing a global and objective experience feedback, on the best way to orchestrate this massive plan, in different conditions of those choosen at Ina

The advantage of INA

The close links we have with other institutions and broadcasters which have similar issues (RTS, Sonuma) allowed us to be more objective regarding the stumbling blocks to avoid in the management of digitization plan on a large-scale.