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Support programme of the Algerian cultural heritage


Ina, within the framework of the support program for the conservation of the cultural heritage in Algeria, launched a training course on the conservation of the audiovisual heritage, during the inaugural conference "Capacity building for the conservation and the valuation of the Algerian cultural heritage" which took place on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 9:00 am in the lounge of honor of the Palace of Culture in Algiers in the presence of Algerian Minister of Culture Mister Mihoubi. 

Within a grouping of partners managed by IBF Consulting, INA, via his selected experts, is in charge of setting up in 2016 a training plan oriented towards the staffs of the Algerian cultural institutions. These trainings aim at strengthening their capacity to preserve and to digitize their film, photographs and broadcasting funds, which compose the Algerian cultural heritage. This will take place in Algiers over a period of 14 months. 

The program "Heritage", fruit of the partnership between the European Union and Algeria, has for main objective to accompany the consideration of the identification and the inventory, the protection and the development of the Algerian cultural heritage and to bring a technical support in terms of method, tool of management and knowledge regarding inventory of cultural property.