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Consulting department

The consulting department relies on the wide range of skills acquired by Ina throughout its history to address the projects brought to its consultants.


The expertise of an institution dedicated to audiovisual heritage

The consulting department is the interface dedicated to professionals: whether it is about preservation and digitization, promotion of archives, management of digital media, legal advice regardng audiovisual content or the setting p of a personalized training, our five projet managers are receiving your demands and offering you our company expertise.

Ina in a few words

Ina was a pionner institution in the digitization and the promotion of its archives. Ina is mell implanted in broadcasters' professional networks as well as in audiovisual heritage institutions' networks. Ina has developed its skills and expertise and has become a reference for French heritage and media companies. 

Expertise and methods

Since 1975 Ina has been improving its know-how and expertise on multiple fields related to audiovisual archives. Ina now offers consulting services for companies and international institutions willing to preserve, digitize and promote their audiovisual assets.


International activities

Ina has been engaged in transmitting its know-how and expertise for many years. The consulting department as well as the rest of Ina is constantly working on broadening its international partnerships and seizing opportunities with foreign companies.



Find below Ina and its partners's projects in Europe and Worldwide.


Our achievements

Ina Consulting department is called upon all over the world to carry out appraisals of archival holdings. This involves evaluating existing systems, and providing advice and assistance on the setting up of preservation systems.