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Expertise and methods

Audiovisual archives assessment

Assessing your audiovisual collection is a preliminary step to improve your heritage management. 

Taking into account the purpose of your project, we assess your archives from various angles: their physical condition, the functionalities of your documentary databases, the associated legal documentation, and the technical infrastructure used to digitize or to read your assets. 

After assessing your collection, we work on a technical and methodological report which contains recommendations to help you improve the management of your photographic, audiovisual and digital records. We design our recommendations to fit the financial means of  your structure and to adapt to the goals of your project. 


Digitization is the way to preserve your audiovisual archives and renew their circulation. 

We help you to build up your collection digitization roadmap: for each type of analogic media we give you an overview of every step to achieve before being able to use you digitally preserved media in a new production. We also analyse the possible solutions to achieve the digitization of your collection taking into account the price and duration of the actions to perform on your media. 

Management of media assets

Moving into a completely digital environment involves new issues related to processing, storing, transferring and safeguarding data. As Ina manages a collection of 5 million digitized hours of audiovisual content it has acquired extensive skills in this field, that's why Ina's consulting department promotes them by supporting media and non-media organisations with the management of their audiovisual content. 

Our consultancy services are based on the assessment of your technical structure. Then, we collect information about your current and future needs, to finally provide you with recommendations for implementing and efficient and appropriate technical workflow for the management of your archives and recently produced media. 

Strategic planning

The setting up of an archiving policy and of the technical infrastructure involved in the media management is an expensive process and must be undertaken with a specific project in mind. 

We provide you with methodological assistance to help you define strategic objectives and priorities aiming at optimizing the use of your audiovisual collection. We also benchmark other actors of the market in order to give you an overview of the innovative policies in this domain.