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04 sept 2023

Lifelong Learning with INA

Lifelong learning with INA

The fields of image and sound are becoming increasingly complex, requiring professionals to constantly adapt. Artificial intelligence, the omnipresence of digital technology, and ecological demands are changing the way things are done. This heightened technicality demands the acquisition of new skills on an ongoing basis, which are essential for the success of your projects.

In response to these challenges, INA supports your teams throughout their careers with a fresh approach.


INA is renewing its offerings by merging its initial and professional training activities into a single entity, which will be established in the coming months.

With six areas of expertise accessible to both professionals and students, INA will offer the most comprehensive training program on the market:

  • Production, Writing and Direction
  • Digital imaging
  • Sound
  • Digital broadcasting techniques
  • Media 
  • Digital heritage management, Archiving


We offer 470 courses and 14 diplomas geared towards providing increasingly professional training, structured around demanding certifications.

Starting this academic year, new courses dedicated to AI and eco-responsibility, relevant to your professions, will be added to our offerings..


Pioneering Projects to Better Support You

With "France 2030: The Great Image Factory," INA positions itself at the heart of a major audiovisual hub project in the eastern suburbs of Paris, bringing together professionals and students around the Bry Studios and 10 schools and training organizations related to your fields.

By joining EPEx Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, INA becomes the component specializing in "audiovisual and digital media professions" of this new player in the academic world, with the ambition to support and promote contemporary world transformations.

A renovated and eco-friendly training center thanks to the France Relance project will allow you to take advantage of a 6,000m² technical platform, multi-modal learning structures and spaces: in-person (classrooms and studios) and distance learning (digital learning), always in the service of learners and pedagogy.


INA is reinventing its training proposition, just for you.