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Formation Leading a participative archive project

Written documents, stills, audio-visual archives

Training goals

Be able to:
- set up and run participative archive projects with all kinds of documents or archives, digitised or analogue (text, stills, filmed images).
- recruit, involve and motivate users.
- identify benefits for the organisation or cultural institution.


Archives and participative Web: context (crowdsourcing, social metadata, collaborative archives, participative archives), stakes, state-of-the-art developments.
Participative archive strategy: what objectives?
Project methodology:
- the perimeter, the partners, the means, technical choices (tools),
- legal aspects, guaranteeing the quality of the data and integrating them to ensure better research results,
- involving and motivating the user contributors (community management),
- communicating effectively internally and externally.

Targeted at

Archivists, audiovisual researchers, librarians, archive project directors.




Specialists of participative archive projects.

Training methods

Theoretical presentations.
First-hand experience.
Case studies using written documents, photographs and audiovisual archives.

• Finding the right questions to ask, methods to set up.
• Review of existing projects.
• Keys to implicate users.