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Digital heritage, documentation, research

Audio-visual archives: dealing with technical aspects

Analysing, describing and indexing audio-visual documents

Analysing, annotating and indexing sound and radio contents

Identifying, managing and storing digital multimedia files

Restoring sound archives: radio, TV, film

Defining and choosing your digital and media collections storage system

Leading an audio-visual fund digitisation project

Leading a participative archive project

Using the Collaborative web for audio-visual researchers and news professionals

Indexing audio-visual and digital multimedia content: new practices

Understanding Web semantics and web data

Using social networks to add value to your funds

Community managers for audio-visual researchers

Researching, assessing and checking information on the Web

Checking information with Web 2.0 tools

Searching for stills

Analysing, annotating and indexing stills

Researching images

Collecting, producing and recording eye-witness accounts