MediaNumeric Training Course : Data-Driven Journalism, Creative Storytelling & Fact Checking​
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01 Dec 2021

Apply Now for MediaNumeric Training Course 2022

Data-Driven Journalism, Creative Storytelling & Fact Checking​

21-26 February 2022 - Apply Now !

Institut National de l'Audiovisuel training center
4, avenue de l'Europe 94366 Bry sur Marne
Free to attend
Application Deadline : January 10, 2022


Discover how data shapes the current world of media and storytelling

  • 6 days at the headquarters of the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) in the Paris region
  • A study visit to the Agence France-Presse (AFP), world’s oldest and leading news agency
  • Internationally recognised trainers and experts leading the training programme
  • 20 students of journalism and communication from France, the Netherlands and Poland as participants
  • Case- and problem-based learning – offering hands-on, workshop learning experience
  • Networking opportunities

Find your own practical path to the world of data

The MediaNumeric Training Course will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn the basics of data journalism and storytelling through a set of theoretical and practical courses spanning data extraction methods, data analysis and visualization, as well as crafting stories based around data.
The course will also look at the growing area of fact checking and tracking the spread of misinformation around the world.
You will work with professionals who will guide you through the learning process, show you how they approach data-specific tasks, and will support you and your classmates in investigating a case study in which you will put the skills you learn into action.
The course will offer you the theoretical know-how, tools and skills needed to take on data-driven journalism and storytelling as well as fact checking, and all of the creative and professional opportunities it offers. 

Candidate's profile and eligibility

The course is dedicated to minimum 3rd-year BA and MA students of journalism or communication studies who come from the three academic partners of MediaNumeric  – SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, INA and its partner academic institutions and have an advanced command of English (spoken and written).

The MediaNumeric Selection Committee will select 20 participants from all eligible candidates. 16 participants will come from INA, 2 participants from the Inholland University of Applied Sciences (NL), and 2 participants from SWPS (PL). Participants will be selected and prioritised  based on the following criteria: overall application score (including assessment of self-evaluation and performance targets, commitment and dedication to the school’s objectives), skills and experience, diversity (from an under-represented social group, representing different nationalities/ethnic  groups).

The MediaNumeric training course offers 5 ECTS points.