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Our history

In 1974 Ina inherited the in-house training centre run by the ORTF (the French public broadcasting company), when that organisation was dissolved. Since then, Ina has become the leading European professional training centre for the audiovisual and digital industry 

National Audiovisual Institute - INA - A presentation

History of INA

With an increasingly diverse student base, Ina’s training department has evolved hand in hand with changes in the audiovisual sector, remaining in the forefront of content for tomorrow’s industries through its initial and continuing education programmes. 

Today, its catalogue, its services and its clients are highly diversified. It increasingly relies on the renowned skills of its trainers in the areas of documentary engineering, format treatment, production and publishing, and audiovisual research. 

With a robust, 30-year history, professional training continues to play a central role within Ina. For the past ten years, the teaching teams have extended their skills base by developing basic training programmes in conjunction with selected partners.