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About INA training and consulting department

A key player on the international scene

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INA builds up your teams' skills and know-how
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INA provides its expertise in digital archiving, training, co-productions and through unique audiovisual research projects all over the world. 

On the international content scene, INA licences and promotes all kinds of footage.

Our audiovisual research center constantly anticipates by developing creative and innovative sound and image-related tools.

In addition to its main public missions, INA collects and preserves an increasing number of private collections through commercial and/or patrimonial mandates.  

INA training and consulting department

Training, consulting and research


Our history

In 1974 Ina inherited the in-house training centre run by the ORTF (the French public broadcasting company), when that organisation was dissolved. Since then, Ina has become the leading European professional training centre for the audiovisual and digital industry


Key figures

Key figures