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Formation Using Smart Data to increase media audiences (TV, radio, web)

Smart Data serving your audiences

Training goals

Be able to:
- identify data to treat with respect to marketing sales goals,
- gather data on users' behaviour from different screens and exploit it efficently,
- understand existing technological solutions and put them into practice.


1. Review of context: multiscreen uses, latest figures on most popular services.
The growth of connected terminals and mobile usage.
Social TV and community uses.
OTT, VoD, S-VoD, transmedia services.
Delinearised audiovisual offers.
2. Why track users' behaviour on all the screens?
Innovating to imagine new content or new services.
Segmenting and building customer loyalty.
Focus on legal aspects related to data mining:
- what is authorised,
- what is illegal.
3. How to track users:
- existing technological solutions.
Focus on algorithms.
Overview of existing solutions.
4. Hands-on workshop 1:
- experimenting with a concrete case study that can be connected to your DMP (Data Management Platform) and your CRM to enrich them in real time.
5. Hands-on workshop 2:
- practical exercises around a participant project or a case study.
Defining strategic goals.
Editorial strategy, marketing, sales and making the right technical choices.

Targeted at

Top managers of audiovisual media companies, publishers. Professionals working in marketing and commercial development.




Media marketing and recommendation specialist.

Training methods

Presentation of case studies. Hands-on workshops and first-hand experience of a data-mining technical solutions publisher.

• Discover recommendation solutions for media.
• Hands-on workshop: concrete experiment to find a technological solution.
• Algorithms to help the digital curation.