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Formation Using Capture One™

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand and use connected shots, image development and correction.


I. Primary image corrections:
- image analysing tools,
- exposure and light tools,
- balancing whites, easy adjustments of skin colours,
- colour and publishing and balancing,
- optical corrections and reframing.
II. Film shooting: connected shooting mode,
- live view and compositing,
- piling adjustments and primary corrections to get a perfect image,
- organising images in video library.
III. Selective corrections:
- deleting elements, correction layer principle,
- paintbrush and gradual masks,
- local adjustments, Dodge and Burn with Capture One™, to draw shadows and light.
IV. Extra tools:
- working by lots and productivity issues,
- managing variants,
- styles and pre-adjustments,
- finishing touches: accentuation, reducing noise and moire,
- exporting adjustments.

Targeted at

Digitally-equipped teams.





Training methods

Mix of theory and hands-on practical exercises using concrete examples.

• Connected shots practice.
• Optimise your know-how of the RAW development engine.
• Understand the power of retouching.