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Formation The real stakes of Cloud, the IoT and Big Data in the digital transformation of media

Concrete benefits and potential risks

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand principles, main functions and services impacted by these technologies,
- identify the stakes, the benefits and the risks,
- analyse strategies to be deployed to maximise their efficiency.


1. Basic principles of Cloud, the IoT and Big Data with examples.
Technical principles:
- public and private Cloud,
- smartphones as personal hubs and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),
- from MachineToMachine to IoT, from IoT to the Internet of Everything,
- Big Data, Fast Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning...
Market trends and major players (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon or GAFA, operators, software manufacturers).
- functions, services, targets.
2. Economic impacts:
- markets, service providers and economic models (ROI).
3. Legal constraints.
4. Limitations, measures to set up to minimise risks (privacy, security, interoperability...).
5. Actions to take advantage of these technologies:
- expected benefits.
6. Adding value to your data:
- models.
7. Future trends.
8. Examples of uses of these technologies by audiovisual companies.

Targeted at

Top managers, project managers, line managers.




Expert in innovative product marketing specialised in the IoT, Cloud and Big Data.

Training methods

Presentation, commented examples. Case studies. Group discussion on impacts and stakes.

• Overview of recent technological trends in Cloud, platforms, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.
• Overall perspective within the context of the digital transformation of the economy.
• Examination of concrete examples to identify strengths and weaknesses.