The keys to video game creation and production - INA Training
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Formation The keys to video game creation and production

Overview and fundamentals of video games

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand changes in video games,
- design and produce video games,
- adopt best practices and understand the rules, the codes, and useful figures to interact with other professionals of the sector.


Background of video games:
- first games, consoles, platforms and mobile games,
- independent video games.
General overview of the industry:
- global market figures, major players, technological innovation and consequences for video game designs.
Producing a video game:
- vocabulary, skills, costs, schedules, subsidies and grants, producing a video game (using Agile/Scrum methods).

Targeted at

Authors, producers, film directors.




Video game expert.

Training methods

Theoretical classes followed by practical case studies.

• A straight-forward and comprehensive approach to video games.
• Essential skills to develop in the sector.