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Formation Script-writing workshop

How to prepare a pitch, write a cue-sheet for a drama or a sequencer programme

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand the fundamentals and methodology in dramatic construction,
- apply them to the development of a personal long fiction scenario.


To be an actor:
- expressing yourself in a creative way.
Subject choice: values, reasons.
Building your characters.
Structuring the story: protagonists, goals, obstacles.
Three (or four) steps in scriptwriting: the pitch, writing a cue sheet, a step outline, and eventually dialogue continuity.

Targeted at

Anybody with writing experience and who wants to develop an original or adapted scenario project.




Scriptwriters and audiovisual professionals (producers, directors).

Training methods

Workshops one day per week over nine months.
Fundamental theory on dramatic writing followed by practical activities with interactive workshops and first-hand experience.

• The balance between technical know-how and artistic creation.
• Group activities to encourage best practices.
• Developing a personal project (over 9 months).