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Formation Radio Production Technician

Producing radio programmes

Training goals

Be able to:
- set up radio programmes from A to Z: news, magazines, games, multiplex,
- manage live broadcasts,
- programme cue sheets, radio schedules.


Live shows:
- managing time constraints,
- exteriours, the cue sheet.
Radio production:
- reporting and street interviews, mixing, compiling, trailors, promotion and graphics for a musical/particular thematic.
- using sound equipment: microphones, consoles, broadcasters, telephone inserts,
- different formats: news and magazine programmes, debates, games,
- creating radio programmes for FM, general audiences, thematic stations.

Targeted at

Radio technicians, presenters, journalists. Any person interested in radio and sound techniques.


Have a good general knowledge of radio.


Either a radio production technician or director. For some programmes, extra trainers will facilitate the training (presenters, actors, journalists, speakers, musician).

Training methods

Different practical assignments: recording, mixing and airing, facilitate the learning and are followed by group debriefings and feedback.
Opportunities to try out different roles: presenter or journalist, technician and director.

• Three weeks on a radio control room with a radio director.
• Practice producing and directing different types of radio programmes.
• Managing the schedules and timers.