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Formation Photoshop™ CC : Image retouching (Advanced)

Understanding advanced functions

Training goals

Be able to:
- use advanced functions of tracings, selections, filters and automation.


Using tracings: fusion modes and masks, vectorial masks, clipping masks, adjusting and filling tracings, dynamic tracings and filters, aligning and despatching tracings, tracing groups, tracing compositions and styles.
Using selections:
- changing and improving selections, selecting clour ranges,
- saving selections, links with layers (alpha),
- vectorial lines, line palettes and selections, hair selections: extraction filters and customised shapes.
Using filters and advanced functions:
- colour sampler, information palette,
- colour grading, curves, layer mixers, black and white,
- colour scale transfer curves, selective correction,
- perspective filler/buffer: filters.

Targeted at

Photoshop™ users, photographers, image professionals, graphic designers.


Prior participation in "Photoshop™ CC: Image retouching (Beginners)" or have equivalent skills.


Digital photo and graphic expert.

Training methods

Alternating theory and hands-on practice.

• Certified Adobe™ trainer and image professional.
• Everything you need to know to improve and transform images.
• Build your skills to be more productive.