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Formation Managing video game production

Assessing and managing video game projects

Training goals

Be able to:
- assess, at the outset of the project, its pertinence and feasability.
- anticipate risks and cost factors,
- manage a video game production.


Overview of stages to follow to assess a future production:
- definitions, assessing means, defining technological needs, access to financial grants and subsidies.
Managing deadlines and costs:
- scheduling, managing issues, motivating a team around a common project.
Adapting your project to the constraints:
- financial, technological, adjustment factors: time and money.
Assessing type of production:
- risks, teams, technical means, schedules,
- listing specifications,
- project management methods.

Targeted at

Authors, designers, producers.




Video game producer.

Training methods

Mix of theory and practical hands-on exercises.

• Best practices in video game production.
• Concrete training based on case studies.