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Industrial Partners

Ina’s partners include many developers, software publishers and professional organisations within the audiovisual sector. 

Industrial partners


Global leader in image editing programmes with Photoshop, and integrating video into web pages with Flash (80% market share in both cases), Adobe also has a predominant position in video post-production with After Effects, Premiere and Encore.

Ina is an Adobe Authorised Training Centre.


Historic leader in professional editing systems with its Media Composer software, Avid holds a unique position in the history of virtual editing systems for the audiovisual and film sectors. Avid is also predominant in television production the world over. 
In the media industry, Avid is a technological pioneer in collaborative working groups and in the online production of content. 

Ina is a recognised Avid partner. 



World leader in image capture and treatment, and in printing systems and document management solutions, Canon has been innovating for over 50 years in the field of cutting edge cameras and digital technologies in the world of imaging (professional video, broadcast, film: High Definition lenses and camcorders, multimedia cameras, laser transmission systems).
In developing key technologies such as interchangeable lenses, image sensors and processors, and full HD video recording, Canon has contributed to expanding the limits of photography and will be celebrating 50 years of reflex in 2009!

Canon France has chosen Ina as its exclusive training partner.


Panasonic develops and manufactures innovative products for the professional audiovisual market: IT-based broadcast and film cameras, plasma screens, beamers. Panasonic is European broadcasting leader today with its P2 camera standard. 
Panasonic is also world leader in the development and manufacture of consumer electronics for the public, professionals and industry. 

Ina has been certified by Panasonic and is a member of the TV by IT Schools programme.

Its main objective is to train participants in new audiovisual production streams through the increased use of IT tools such as recording on digital memory cards and the use of metadata in the fields of acquisition, storage, sharing and diffusion of audiovisual media. 

Snell Advanced Media

Ina has been certified by Snell Advanced Media for training in the HD Kahuna switcher used by many TV stations. 



Leader in the field of music creation software and hardware. 

Steinberg has been making production tools for musicians and music, video and film producers since 1984. It is one of the largest creators of audio software, with over 1.5 million users worldwide, providing soft and hardware solutions that are renowned the world over in all fields of music composition and production, mastering, restoration, sound design, post-production, etc.

Ina is a certified Steinberg Authorized International Training Center.


Tektronix is a major supplier of test, measurement and control products, solutions and services for the IT, telecommunications and microelectronics sectors. It is also present in aerospace, consumer electronics, education and other sectors throughout the world. For the past 60 years, Tektronix has enabled its clients to design, build, deploy and manage new generation global communications networks and advanced computing technologies. 

Tektronix has selected Ina as a partner for the technical seminars it regularly organises for its clients. 


The world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments, Yamaha is also a leader in audio/video products. 
Yamaha holds a unique position in the music and sound sector because of its expertise in the manufacture of both musical instruments and audio equipment. 
Yamaha has always been an innovative brand, in musical instruments (pianos, etc.) and in audio equipment, creating for example, the first digital mixing console for the general public (O2R). 
Ina and Yamaha share two common values – expertise and innovation – for the benefit of all players in the music and audio fields: from home studio musicians to sound engineers working on major concerts. 
For these reasons, Yamaha Corp (Japan) has chosen Ina as its only certified training centre in the world. 

Professional organisations


The Association of French Archivists has 1,200 members, all working in the public or private archives sector. 
Recognising the challenges faced by those involved in the production of documents and information today, the Association of French Archivists has positioned itself as a permanent forum for reflection, training and initiatives to assist those responsible for today’s and tomorrows archival repositories. 

The AAF has chosen Ina as its partner to train its members in audiovisual archives. 



The Higher Technical Commission for Image and Sound is an association of professionals from the audiovisual field, in charge of monitoring the quality of audiovisual production and broadcasting, in film, television or any other media. 
The CST’s missions are closely linked to progress in audiovisual techniques, as demonstrated by the evolution in its own role. The CST was founded in 1944 to facilitate the reconstruction of the French film industry, and to encourage the transition from black and white to colour film. 
Today, the CST is involved in the transition of film and television toward digital technologies and in the introduction of new media such as video on demand (VOD).

The CST and Ina have developed joint training programmes on digital projection, both for movie theatre operators and projectionists. 


HD Forum

The HD Forum was set up in 2004 to promote High Definition Television and facilitate its deployment. This organisation has 64 members today: TV stations, equipment manufacturers, software creators, telecoms operators, distributors, etc.