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Formation Filming live sports events

Multicam filming for athletics, combat sports, indoor team sports

Training goals

Be able to:
• Conceive, set up and prepare multicam filming of sports events.
• Follow shooting scripts during a sports event.
• Master all the stages of multicam directing.


Understanding sports coverage in live conditions.
Analysing different configurations and overview of different technical systems while filming live sports events.
Work processes and broadcasting of sports events.
Steps in preparing a film shoot.
Building, briefing technical crews:
- roles of each crew member,
- optimising communication within crew.
Attitudes and behaviour to adopt.
Scouting before the event.
Real-life multicam filming in live conditions.

Targeted at

Multicam directors wishing to extend their skills in sports filming.


Participation in Part 1 of "Carrying out multicam filming in studios" training course required. Knowledge of sports treated during course.


Live sports professionals: - live sports directors, - TV scripts, - slow-motion operators.

Training methods

Theoretical classes, case study situations and role-play activities involving viewings followed by discussions.

• The diveristy of sports dealt with.
• First-hand expertise from experienced professionals.
• Immediate application of skills learned.