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Formation Filming and editing with a digital reflex camera (Advanced)

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand screenwriting,
- shoot video images and record sound,
- edit, add graphic inserts, calibrate, export.


Review of technical fundamentals.
- comparative footage analysis using documentaries and TV magazines,
- general preparation, classifying information, choosing the angle, preparing the editing line, the story, the hook and developing the main theme,
- inevitable shots, important steps in the film, technical choices.
- preparing and checking material, managing sound and image,
- different shots, filming with editing in mind,
- camera movements:
- on stand, hand-held, reporting mode,
- managing technical parameters: exposure, balancing whites,
- rough cuts, separate sound takes.
Editing and mixing:
- derushing, synchronising,
- editing key elements,
- focusing, improving the continuity, mixing, calibrating, exporting, exporting for multisupport delivery.

Targeted at

Photographers, film directors, journalists.


To have participated in "Filming and editing with a digital reflex camera" or possess equivalent know-how.


Photographer/video director.

Training methods

A little theory and a lot of hands-on practical fieldwork.

• Scriptwriting and filming in professional conditions.
• Bring meaning to editing.
• Make a real-life documentary film.