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Formation Defining a programme brand offer in the digital world

How new screens can promote your brand

Training goals

Be able to:
- identify and understand development practices and development opportunities for programme brands in the digital world,
- discover the most successful strategies abroad (fiction, entertainment, news, etc.),
- manage the appropriation of programme brands by Web users


Digital practices of major audiovisual groups with their programme brands:
- which programme brands do they focus their digital strategy on?
- with which criteria do they make their choices?
- which criteria do they choose their brands?
Different digital supports and models for programme brands:
- content availability, complementarity and interactivity,
- objectives of an online presence,
- catch-up TV, VoD:
- giving programmes a second life,
- exclusive content, community management:
- other outlets for programme brands,
- mobile phones, social networks...
- new broadcast supports and their associated communication structures,
- Connected TV: - new programme offers.
Concrete examples of programme brand digital lives:
- focus on programmes with rich and innovating digital offers. For each genre, first-hand experiences of 'mainstream' or less well-known brands,
- analysis of key success factors.
How web-users appropriate the brands:
- recommending and sharing videos from programme brands by fans,
- understanding how to encourage and guide these sharing habits between the brands and fans on digital supports.

Targeted at

Multimedia managers, features editors, editors in chief, publishing managers, journalists, marketing managers, heads of communication.




TV marketing, digital strategies and TV/Web convergence specialists.

Training methods

Benchmarking, video extracts.
Exchanges, open debates.

• One-day course to identify key performance indicators of a programme brand in the digital world.