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Formation Carrying out multicam filming in studios

Switching, debate filming and fictional approaches

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand basic notions in multicam directing,
- use a vision mixer,
- overview main types of multicams.


Principles behind vision mixers.
The audiovisual language.
Overview of technical fundamentals, set up of a video studio.
Using a vision mixer.
Talk-back circuits: - method, process and management.
Managing a technical team.
Recording live debates: - 3-5 participants.
Introduction to cue sheets: - recording a fiction.

Targeted at

Beginner or experienced directors, technical-artistic audiovisual professionals wishing to shoot video programmes in multicam studios.




Film directors, scripts.

Training methods

Course given in a real TV studio.
Includes challenging exercises and activities:
- managing teams and thetalk-back circuit.
Participants take it in turn to try out different workstations:
- cameras, sound consoles, vision mixers, character generator.
A team of operational technicians available to assist participants.

• Directing multicams in professional conditions.
• Fine balance of theory and practical applications.
• Rapid progression ensured.