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Formation Addressing script-writing

Dramatic structures and character definition

Training goals

Be able to:
- define the screen writing field and scope,
- discover the fundamentals of dramatic styles,
- assess your motivation as to screenwriting.


Different steps: the pitch, the synopsis, the step outline, the dialogue continuity.
Specifics of screenwriting: writing for the screen, passing from literary to audiovisual worlds.
Mixing genres and formats: adventure films, detective films, science fiction, comedy, etc.
Dramatic fundamentals: three acts, narrative models, characterisation, triggering events.
Character-building: characters, goals, obstacles.
Main structures and narrative styles: simple or multiple intrigues, flashbacks, flashforwards, adapted forms of the narrator.
Writing dialogues: hearing and playing the exchanges.
Main trends and scenaristic styles: Italian neo-realism, Hollywood, the French New Wave, TV series and Web fictions.

Targeted at

Suitable for all professionals.




TV screenwriter.

Training methods

Proactive teaching approaches with alternating theoretical classes and hands-on activities.

• Overview of genres.
• Understanding the motivations and workings of a scenario.