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Formation Acquiring basic principles in photography

Technical and artistic rules

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand digital ground rules and its terminology.
- acquire basic photographic principles,
- use the technical functions of a camera as well as the artistic rules around image-making.


How to get an image: principles of the camera, the lens, shutter, diaphragm, automatic or semi-automatic, saving and personalised functions.
Basic digital notions: binary coding, grey scaling,
- sensors, acquisition technologies, resolution, compression, understanding menus, saving and personalised functions.
Practical applications: using depth of field (photographic expression),
- speed (movement), using angles and focal distance (perspectives),
- viewing and analysing digital photos taken by participants and feedback.

Targeted at

Any person starting a professional photographic career, or wishing to develop their skills with a digital camera and wanting to discover the artistic aspects of photography.




Photographers, professionals.

Training methods

Theoretical classes followed by practical hands-on activities.

• In-depth technical and artistic skills acquisition.
• Indoor and outdoor role-play situations.