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Higher education

INAsup post-graduate courses are aimed at students from all over the world as a way of stimulating creativity and a wide range of perspectives on the issues currently facing the audiovisual sector.

A number of foreign students have already obtained a masters degree from INAsup. 

Selected courses in the masters programme are available in English. Students are also able to participate in international events such as the IFTA Conference. 

The development of partnerships and exchanges with international institutions is also one of Ina SUP’s priorities as a way of strengthening the international dimension of its courses, opening the way to career opportunities abroad for its graduates. 

Prestigious partners in three continents

INAsup is a member of CILECT (International Association of Film and Television Schools). It has also entered into partnerships with leading universities in Europe, North America and China:

  • School of Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
  • UCLA, School of Theatre, Film and Television, Los Angeles, United States 
  • University of Communications, Beijing, China 
  • Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain
  • Royal Holloway, University of London

New partnerships are also under negotiation both in the Americas and in Europe. 

These partnerships have the following objectives: 
- To pool knowledge, skills and teaching methods.
- To exchange information, know-how and teaching methods to enable both partners to adapt their teaching methodologies and content to developments in the audiovisual and digital industries.
- To develop exchanges of faculty members, students and researchers between the two institutions for selected periods, internships or during the organisation of seminars, etc.

INAsup also signed the Erasmus + Charter

Read the Erasmus strategy