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Formation Writing scripts for historical dramas

Mixing history and personal stories

Training goals

Be able to:
- deal with specific issues linked to historical fiction film screen writing,
- treat an event, a period or a past character dramatically,
- structure a scenario blending personal stories with historical events.


Documentation and how to use it.
The historical scenario as a specific type of audiovisual adaptation.
Special responsibility for the historical fictions author.
Types of scenarios as frame of reference and writing.
The notion of scenes and fictional invention in a historical context.
Building a developing characters in line with real historical events.
Famous and anonymous characters in history.
Point of view: who's telling what story?
Dialogues: past languages and making them believable today. The music of specific words and expressions used at particular historical periods and their perception by a modern audience.

Targeted at

Any person wishing to understand screenwriting techniques highlighting an event or a historical personality, or more usually, taking a historical context.




Serge Le Péron, screen writer and director in the field of historical fiction films.

Training methods

Intensive two-week workshop with theory and hands-on activities.
Theoretical classes based on film extracts.
Practical hands-on activities leading to presentations and open-group discussions.
A short historical film project will be started at the onset of the course and referred to regularly.
Each trainee will present their project, the project will be examined by the head trainer two weeks after the course end.

• Based on Serge Le Péron teaching methods.
• Extensive range of historical screenwriting solutions.