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Formation Writing and designing an immersive system: 360° and virtual reality

Putting spectators at the heart of the story

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand writing rules and design an immersive project,
- direct a specific storyboard,
- produce a 360° image project or a virtual realiy project.


Overview of immersive works:
- background,
- features, technological developments and their narrative potential,
- main creations.
Writing and design:
- the viewer: how to justify their place and point of view,
- recording 360° or virtual reality images,
- drawing a specific storyboard.
Setting up an immersive project:
- choosing the topic,
- skills, budgets, schedules,
- subsidies and commercial opportunities.

Targeted at

Authors, film directors, producers.




Author and designer.

Training methods

Presentations, analysis of practical case studies.

• A precise analysis of designing and production.
• Demonstrations of main productions existing today.