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Formation Using social networks to add value to your funds

Strategic and editorial approaches

Training goals

Be able to:
- define a social network strategy to add value to your funds or to follow a validation project.
- choose the right tools adapted to your project,
- choose the appropriate writing style for different social networks chosen.


Overview of different social media.
Defining your communication and validation strategy according to your project: type of project, type of funds, timeline, targeted audiences, type of organisation or company and their global communication strategy, budget...
Setting up the editorialisation project on the social networks: choosing the content to share, publishing the content: written, stills, videos, sounds,...,
- editorialising and adding value to your content, writing for social networks, managing a page or community to recruit, retain, implicating your audience (community management),
- measuring your presence.
Social networks presented, analysed during the exercises, will be chosen according to participant profiles and current trends (Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Scoop it...).

Targeted at

Audiovisual researchers, archivists, fund managers, communication directors.


Regular, professional Internet use.


Social networks and multimedia editorialisation specialist.

Training methods

Theoretical approaches.
Case studies.
Practical hands-on activities.

• A strategic approach to link your project to social network uses.
• Many practical hands-on exercises.
• Keys to help you manage social network communities.