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Formation The Pitch - presenting a project

A Six-Step Method

Training goals

Be able to:
- convince your partners to take part in your project,
- build and improve your pitch around a specific project,
-anticipate professional appointments and pitching sessions calmly.


The training cycle is divided into two sequences, each sequence separated by a week .
Day 1:
Pitch theory: - goals: help others understand your project, convincing them you are capable of carrying out the project, making sure the pitch is adapted to the audience.
- pitch methodology: a six-step structure, adding value to the style and the content, specific aspects of spoken language, mastering oral expression and speaking in public
- first pitch, question and answer session with in-depth feedback and analysis
Summary of first day results
Pitch practice:
- second pitch for same pitch: five-minute timed practice, questions and answers, feedback and advice
"Elevator pitch" training: convincing in all situations

Targeted at

Film directors, scriptwriters, producers. Broadcasters and distributors (film, fiction, documentary, kids shows, flow programmes, multimedia).


Have a project to sell


International coproduction managers.

Training methods

A comprehensive method adapted to all project types: speech, grammar and syntax structures, tools to speak in public and dealing with nervousness ("the butterflies")
Focus on each specific project, taking into account the economic outcomes
Giving the participants all the necessary tools to convince without compromising their own or the project's integrity
Getting prepared for unpleasant situations and questions

• Understand an efficient and practical method in two days.
• Intensive, personalised training.
• Course facilitated by pitch expert.