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Formation The keys to debate shows

Overview of all the techniques to optimise debates in front of the film camera

Training goals

Be able to:
- choose your guests and angle the debate,
- build a cue sheet,
- facilitate the live debate while staying within time constraints.


Preparing the debate:
- adapting to thematic, size, set up, deadline,
- analysing the situation,
- gathering documentation,
- choosing your guests, the right guests, managing constraints,
- the commentators,
- defining themes, preparing questions,
- writing documentary notes, method, layout,
- introduction, introducing the topic,
- preparing follow-up questions.
Organising the debate: placing commentators, managing the technical crews,
- following the cue sheet.
Controlling the debate: presenting your guests,
- specific debating techniques,
- managing time.

Targeted at

TV, press and radio journalists.




News editor, TV show host.

Training methods

Theoretical classes and role-play situations filmed in live conditions.

• Live show conditions, at the heart of a real TV set.