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Formation The cost of words

Estimating production costs triggered by artistic choices in a work of fiction

Training goals

Be able to:
- appraise, from a script, the production costs of a fiction programme,
- understand how artistic and technical choices will impact production costs,
- analyse and assess the means necessary for production and the main cost items.


Production costs.
Main cost items of a fiction programme.
Main principles for a fiction programme project.
From the specifications sheets to quantifying the resources needed (technical, human, length).
Gathering artistic and technical information to assess production costs.
The main cost items.
Assessing standard costs and examples of cost-constraint databases.
Technical-artistic expertise.
Accounting for:
- number of characters,
- role categories,
- set decor,
- scenes with children,
- night-time shooting,
- animals,
- stunts,
- special effects,
- travel costs, etc.

Targeted at

Scriptwriters, directors, assistant directors, programme advisors, production directors, studio managers.




Executive producers.

Training methods

Day 1: assessing production costs.
Day 2: practical hands-on workshop.

• An overall vision of all the steps of the production process.
• Analysis of the strong links between the assessment of a scenario and its cost.