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Formation Setting Up TV Channel Programming

From strategic conception to the launch of a TV schedule

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand programming principles and techniques,
- have a strategic vision of conception and set up of a TV channel programmation table (generalist or thematic),
- analyse and set up a table and graphics in project mode.


Overview of TV programming:
- as the foundation of the channel, its organisation, its goals, its skills, its means,
- programmes' operating cycles,
- building up a stock of programmes,
- rights clearance management, specific cases and constraints when programming different types of programmes,
- different programming models
- economic programming models according to origin, costs and models,
- audiences and relations with viewers.
Programming techniques.
Daily and weekly programming model characteristics:
- programmes and formats,
- prime time,
- programming strategies and principles.
Setting up a programming schedule:
- managing the choice of programmes,
- structuring and managing schedules,
- ensuring continuity,
- real-life case studies.
Promoting your programming choices and graphic charter
- adding value,
- dynamic graphics,
- benchmarking French TV channels' graphic charters.
TV programming case studies.
Practical programming workshop in project mode.

Targeted at

Professionals impacted by audiovisual programming (TV channels, Web media, production companies, providers, etc.).




Experienced programming professionals. TV marketing and TV ratings professionals.

Training methods

Both theoretical and practical approaches with case studies and real-life examples from existing programmes
Viewing and detailed study of TV listings

• Two days to understand the stakes, the strategies and the programming techniques.
• Methodology tools to successfully manage your programming, based on concrete case studies.
• Organisational advice to facilitate collaboration with other departements.