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Formation Retouching beauty portraits

Training goals

Be able to:
- retouch in a beauty portrait context.
- optimise techniques according to the model and broadcast support.


I. Preparation:
- adjusting graphic tablets.
- calibrating screens.
II. Lightroom and Capture One:
- editing when retouching,
- RAW treatment and file optimisation, comparative market overview.
- general light and colour adjustments.
III. Photoshop:
- modifying morphology: correcting flaws due to pose and optical/perspective distortion, changes to physionomy and expressions.
- retouching by frequency separation (skin flaws).
- comparing frequency separation solutions,
- advanced skin smoothing,
- setting up digital make-up,
- Dodge and Burn tracings to redraw light and shadows,
- optimising final rendering according to broadcast media.

Targeted at



Know how to take photographs as well as use Photoshop.



Training methods

Alternating theory and hands-on practical training.

• Comprehensive approach to portrait retouching.
• Advanced Dodge and Burn techniques, as well as frequency separation.