Reporting assignments for the radio - INA Training
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Formation Reporting assignments for the radio

Mastering reporting techniques

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand new reporting techniques,
- choose a topic and an angle,
- understand essential radio writing rules,
- interview professionally, record music and mix sound,
- use the rich evocative power of sound for the news.


Angling your report:
- defining a work and investigation plan,
- preparing the report and finding your guests,
- adapting to the field and recording issues.
Offering sounds and images:
- radio scriptwriting: sounds, noises, music, voices,
- bringing out sound atmospheres,
- describing to tell a story.
- technical material, basic mixing rules, formats, styles.
Your voice:
- talking, evoking, moving, encouraging,
- writing commentaries, finding your style.

Targeted at

TV, press and radio journalists.





Training methods

Reporting role-play situations and readings with feedback and discussion.

• Role play situations from day 1.