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Formation Radio programming with WinMedia

Building TV programmes with WinMedia

Training goals

Be able to:
- draw up radio programming schedule,
- comply with formats or specifications,
- administer the media.


Review of radio programming rules:
- broadcasting constraints, technical environment,
- WinMedia: programming tools, production tools, broadcasting tools.
Building a cue sheet:
- library with categories and thumbnails,
- planning including music, post production, advertising.
Programme content:
- acquiring media, multitrack recording, mixing with sequencing and voice track.
Manual or automatic broadcasting:
- cued schedules, live situations: time constraints and choosing sounds.
Managing media:
- archiving, podcasting,
- Pige, WinLogger.

Targeted at

Radio operation technicians, radio production technicians, journalists, radio programming specialists.


Have a good general knowledge of radio.


Radio director, radio producer, radio production technician.

Training methods

Progressively more challenging activities.

• Three days in a radio studio.