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Formation Presenting the TV news

From the cue-sheet to broadcast

Training goals

Be able to:
- adapt appropriately to the camera,
- manage live situations professionally,
- organise and prioritise your TV news show,
- switch formats: news-in-brief, news, magazines and set interviews.


Preparing your TV news: choice and rank of topics, variety, pertinence and organisation of features,
- formats and tone, drawing up a cue sheet,
- meeting deadlines and time constraints.
Writing for other formats: news in brief and headlines,
- news and magazines.
Controlling posture and voice:
- master body language and hand gestures,
- facing the camera,
- elocution, delivery and tone of voice.
Managing live shots:
- sharing information efficiently, reacting appropriately to unexpected situations.
Managing exchanges:
- letting your correspondent speak, long distance interviews,
- lead a debate or an interview on a set.

Targeted at

TV, press and radio journalists.




News presenter and actor.

Training methods

Practical hands-on activities and filmed role play situations. Course takes place on real TV set.

• From the news to live interviews: all there is to know about presenting the TV news.