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Formation Premiere Pro™ CC: creating more dynamic credits and graphic designs

Best practices for communication videos and reporting

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand fixed and animated special effects, choosing the right animation pace,
- make personalised models,
- get best TV production quality.


I. Multitrack credits methods:
- organising your work,
- ordering media in sequence,
- setting up fixed special effects precisely and quickly,
- combining special effects and transitions.
II. Best practices for graphics:
- how to insert tiltes and animations,
- setting up models, combining Photoshop collections and Premiere titles,
- using After Effects models in Premiere Pro.
III. Better credits:
- combining animations,
- using Photoshop tracings, using masks,
- pacing the credits with Picture in Picture,
- using overlapping sequences.
IV. Working faster: efficient methods for logo overlay,
- setting up post production models for projects,
- creating transparent videos,
- changing credits layouts.

Targeted at

Editors, directors, photographers, journalists, audiovisual professionals.


Prior knowledge of "Premiere Pro CC: importing, media management, sequencing operations".


Post-production editing specialist and expert of Adobe video software programmes.

Training methods

Some theory and lots of practice with rushes in hands-on activities.

• Master Premiere Pro special effects for your credits, introductory sequences, post-production (titles, logos, etc.).
• Applications on many different video formats in multi-supports broadcasts (YouTube, Daily Motion,etc.)