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Formation Premiere Pro™ CC: Beginners' course

Editing, special effects, titling, encoding

Training goals

Be able to:
- manage editing projects,
- understand how to use Premiere Pro CC,
- manage editing chains from importing to exporting on multiple supports.


Managing different video formats and supports.
Media screenshots.
Organising your trim bin.
Managing metadata and optimised research.
Sequenced editing:
- cut-ins, moving, replacing, video and sound multitracking, match frame, copy/paste.
Special effects and transitions, Picture in Picture, progressive slow motion for sports filming.
Titling, credits, post-production and creating a visual identity for video.
- adjusting gain, volume, and special effects,
- sound mixing, recording commentaries, voice effects.
Encoding with Adobe Media Encoder CC.
Final export to Web, DVD, HD support, etc.

Targeted at

Editors, directors, journalists, photographers. Audiovisual and multimedia professionals.


Good understanding of IT environments. Some experience with general public video editing software.


Editor/Special effects expert.

Training methods

Mix of theory and practical hands-on activities, short film editing.

• Expert editor/special effects trainer, certified Première Pro and Adobe Suite trainer.
• Discover inter-operability functions of Adobe Suite.
• Five days to be operational in Première Pro editing techniques.