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Formation Photoshop™ CC: Image retouching (Beginners)

Acquiring digital image treatment techniques

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand the fundamentals of treating digital images.
- work efficiently and in an organised way.


Essential notions: pixels, coding, colours, files and compression.
Adobe Bridge™: navigation, visualisation.
Adobe Photoshop™:
- interfaces, exploring, palettes,
- shortcuts, history, preferences.
Understanding basics: modes, bits/layers, size, resolution (sorting solutions and human eye), enlargements, the File/Print menu.
Preparing the image: work zone (size and rotation), reframing, rectification, symmetry, tracing and backdrop, PSD, JPEG and TIFF formats, saving.
Adjusting the image:
- luminosity, contrast, levels, dark/light shades, white balance, hues and saturation, photo filters, smoothing, clarity.
Reconstituting, retouching and transforming images: buffering and correcting tools,
- distortion tools,
- fluidity filters.
Photoediting: selecting and using tracings,
- type of selection, progressivity, improving selection,
- lasso, magic wand, tracings for copy/paste, movements, retouching, adapting tracings,
- tracing palettes and styles.

Targeted at

Image professionals, photographers and graphic designers.


Knowledge of computers.


Digital photo and graphic expert.

• Certified Adobe trainer and experienced image professional.
• Adapted training methods.
• Tips to work better and faster.