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Formation Photoshop™ CC for video

Training goals

Be able to:
- carry out post production work of audiovisual programmes,
- manage different formats in an audiovisual context.


I. Introduction to Photoshop:
- images, size, resolution, colorimetric profiles,
- tracings, transparency and conversion,
- types.
II. Selecting and masks:
- selection tools,
- merging, alpha layers,
- tracings and merging modes.
III. Traces and shapes:
- vectorial drawing tools,
- using traces and shapes,
- modifying and distorting.
IV: Special effects and styles:
- Photoshop special effects,
- tracings styles, vignetting, inlays, motifs.
Case studies:
- creating streamers, banners,
- vectorising logos,
- post production for films and TV programmes.

Targeted at

Film editors, photographers and any person wishing to improve their graphic post-production skills.


Basic knowledge of Photoshop.


Motion designer.

Training methods

A little theory and a lot of practical hands-on exercises and activities.

• A specific approach to Photoshop.
• Getting to essentials with video use.