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Formation Participative, non-hierarchical and virtual management

How to manage differently in a digital world

Training goals

Be able to:
- overview risks and opportunities in virtual and participative management styles,
- manage collaborative and virtual teams, adapt communication tools.


1. 3 management styles - virtual, shared, transverse.
Virtual management.
Participative and tranverse management.
Shared management.
2. Virtual management.
Two dimensions of the relationship:
- formal and informal.
Two temptations:
- total delegation or total directive styles. Or the third way?
Taking the distance into account and making it a real management project, but what does that change:
- autonomous, but not independent collaborators,
- avoiding distance and loss of meaning for the project,
- get the collaborator to participate in group projects,
- organising vitual meetings,
- following collaborators and assessing them, setting up efficient communication policies,
- developing collaborators' skills.
3. Participative management style:
Three types of participative management styles: project, transverse, networking.
Risks and advantages of participative management for the manager and the collaborator.
Setting up a participative style of management:
- management versus service style,
- getting the team or the network to influence:
- giving roles and responsibilities,
- following collaborators work,
- communicating and checking properly, developing competence.
Participative management style:
- exerting influence.
Shared management: agreeing with your Line Manager.
4. Virtual management tools.
shared diaries, Doodle, asset management tools, virtual communication tools (web conferences), shared project communication devices, collaborative tools...

Targeted at

All managers who need to manage teams at a distance or participatively (project mode, tranverse teams, networking).




Management specialist.

• Web resources to help the manager.
• First-hand experience and feedback.
• Overview of recent trends in management.