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Formation Optimising audio and video compression

Parameters, automisation and quality issues

Training goals

Be able to:
- optimise transcoding by adjusting encoder sound and video parameters,
- write command lines and anticipate automisation.


Overview of main video formats to use in broadcast production processes.
Using FrameServer.
Overview of FF-MPEG encoders in command lines.
Choosing the optimal encoding parameters according to needs.
Practical hands-on FF-MPEG coding practice.
Automisation options.
Case study.

Targeted at

Technicians and engineers having to choose or set up compression formats.


Must have followed "Using sound and video compression" course or have an equivalent level of skills.


Compression specialist.

Training methods

50% theory, 50% practical hands-on exercises and activities.

• In practical hands-on workshops, carry out quality compressions with automation aspects.
• Understand how to use FF-MPEG.