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Formation Non-linear content programming


Training goals

Be able to:
- understand trends in content consumption in an 'total-digital' context,
- understand the technical and legal aspects of multisupport broadcasting,
-know how to link linear programming schedules with 'On Demand' offers.


Transmedia programming methods:
- by support types,
- by content type,
- transmedia or cross media?
- viewing, examples, transmedia case studies, most adapted programming to broadcast content to different audiences according to different objectives (quality, business...).
Legal, technical, organisational and financial fundamentals.
Changes in the audiovisual landscape:
- laws and regulatory bodies, technological trends, major sectoral players (TV, telephony, Web, video games),
- hardware, consumer behaviour and trends.
Programming fundamentals:
- programming and editorial, marketing, financial, technical and legal stakes,
- 'On-Demand' offer-building workshops,
- successful models,
- best practices,
- rights clearance processes,
- acquisition, programming, self-promotion, time sheets and broadcasting,
- main transmedia exploitation principles,
- ensuring viewers' loyalty,
- performance indicators and improving the process.
Working in project mode:
- methodology,
- players.

Targeted at

Programming managers. Purchasing and coproduction managers, marketing and communication managers




TV programming specialists. New media specialists (Web, telephony, video games, music, subsidiairy rights). Producers.

Training methods

Theoretical lessons, case study presentations, demonstrations and videos.
Case studies and practical exercises.
First-hand experience from a producer.

• Best practices analysis of non-linear programming compared to linear offers.
• Innovative facilitators who have experienced linear and non-linear programming and their impacts for several years.
• Concrete first-hand experiences.