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Formation Mastering Adobe Lightroom™

Operating a non-destructive workflow

Training goals

Be able to:
- import images on your hard disk and classify them automatically,
- retouch images overall and index them,
- export to all supports.


I. Basics, RAW, JPEG, TIFF formats.
II. Library module:
- managing and selecting photos, importing, classifying, adding keywords, IPTC fields,
- preparing future archiving.
III. Development module:
- image reframing and rectifying, optical corrections,
- basic settings: colour temperature, exposure and saturation,
- using curves (tonal compression and expansion), working tools for colour ranges (TSL),
- local corrections, masks, deleting errors,
- applying pre-configured or recorded treatments,
- treating by lot and simplifying the development tasks.
IV. Exploiting corrected images:
- using print mode, making contact prints,
- slideshow and Web modules,
- automatic exchange with Photoshop,
- exporting by batch for all supports.

Targeted at



Good prior knowledge of digital imaging.


Photographers, graphic designers.

Training methods

Theoretical introduction and hands-on practice with concrete examples.

• Certified Adobe trainer and professional photographer.
• Manage your production flow quickly.
• Export your images through multiple supports.