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Formation Managing a team of authors

Managing a writing workshop efficiently

Training goals

Be able to:
- understand the writing team's legal framework.
- identify the skills needed to manage authors.
- use techniques to manage authors and literary teams.


Understanding how to manage a team of authors and writing workshops.
Defining the legal framework of creating collectively.
Organising writing sessions to optimise creative resources in a team.
Understanding the procedures and methods inherent to workshop writing.
Using management tools.
Following the specifications.
Best communication practices.
Ensure the authors' commitment and the quality of writing.
Management basics: decision-making process, rapport de force, conflict resolution, Human Resources management.
Maintaing cohesion and the artistic success of a series.

Targeted at

Author-artists, screenwriters.


Extensive experience as a screenwriter needed.


Experienced professionals in screenwriting and team management: TV series screen writers, management specialists.

Training methods

Theoretical presentations and first-hand experience between participants.
Case studies from current workshops.
Case studies and role play situations.

• Trainers with diversified profiles to bring you a rich and comprehensive approach.
• Many concrete examples to understand the principles of team management.
• Case studies to practice situations to manage authors.