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Formation Leveraging digital marketing for TV

How to design a digital plan around a programme

Training goals

Be able to:
- explore digital strategies around TV programmes,
- understand how relationship marketing works,
- hands-on workshop: set up a digital strategy around a programme.


1. Digital marketing.
The digital marketing mix.
Focus on transmedia and cross media, examples such as:
- series: prequel of Tripalium (Arte), news report: website dedicated to Web-based professions,
- film: Star Wars.
Distribution means:
- replay,
- focus on Facebook Live (video streaming), example: concert,
- streaming platform: Netflix, Afrostream.
- SEM: SEA (advertising), SEO (referencing), SMO (social networks),
- focus on Twitter and Facebook, example: liveTweeting in sport.
2. Overview of tools.
Tools for community managers.
Steering tools: Google analytics, Facebook statistics.
3. Introduction to Relationship Marketing and E-CRM.
Relationship Marketing.
CRM and E-CRM.
Notions: segmentation, scoring, customer value, gathering data on the Web.
4. Hands-on workshop: conceive a digital plan for a programme.

Targeted at

Marketing and TV programming professionals.




Digital marketing and TV programming expert.

Training methods

Presentations, examples, first-hand experience, hands-on workshop.

• Hands-on workshop: set up a digital plan around a programme.
• Analyse and interpret using examples.