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Formation Keys to understanding European media regulations

Understanding the legal and political framework

Training goals

Be able to:
-understand the general framework of EU regulations (founding legislation, political aims, institutional workings),
- identify and organise main directives related to media and IT,
- understand the positions of the major member states (France, Germany, the UK, etc.) and the debates around future changes in EU regulation in the age of digital media.


Introduction to EU regulations (founding legislation, institutions, general principles).
Overview of Directives and specific regulations in culture, audiovisual and communication technology sectors (SMA, privacy and electronic exchanges, etc.).
Stakes and debates linked to media/telecom convergence and the digital world.
Case study: from EU principles to national regulation.

Targeted at

Audiovisual company managers: top management, marketing, programming and distribution (TV channels, production/distribution companies, telecom operators, communication companies, public and private institutions).




Strategy and marketing consultant specialised in media

Training methods

Presentation giving examples and first-hand experience.

• Keys to understand the European political and legal framework concerning media and information companies.
• A concrete, hands-on course accessible to non-legal professionals to understand European media regulations.